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With an illustrious legacy spanning two decades, KHALID BIN MOHAMMED AL QASSIMI Advocates and Legal Consultants have solidified their position as one of the UAE's premier licensed advocate firms. Our enduring commitment to excellence, coupled with our extensive more than 22-year experience in the legal field, places us at the forefront of Emirati legal expertise.

Labour law handles the cases involving the relationship between employers, employees, and unions. We tend to establish, change, or terminate employment relationships after preparing legal documents. voluptas.

A state which is irresponsible of the health and lives of its people is a failed one. Therefore, there are some sets of rules that regulate the rights and responsibilities of healthcare workers and professionals, government, civil society, corporations, and the public for all aspects of health. voluptas.

Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qassimi law firm has lawyers having expertise in mining laws. Mining laws are those laws that deal with the legality of minerals and mining. As minerals and mines come in the category of natural resources, ownership is not confined. voluptas.

Criminal laws deal with criminal activities at local, national, and international levels. These laws punish the criminals in a criminal court of justice for crimes like theft, assault, and burglary. voluptas.

Marriage and divorce are personal matters, but its legal foundation is necessary to make it socially acceptable. In the case of divorce, even if both the parties agree on ending the relationship, still some legal requirements must be fulfilled to be separated.

Whenever there is a money talk, precautions and legal advice become crucial. In the corporate law domain, our team aids the clients to make the best decision after making them aware of the minute details. voluptas.

If you are having an issue in property buying and selling or want to attain useful legal advice for mortgages, then our team fits your purpose. Be it foreclosure, mortgage payments, or property dealing; our expert legal advisors will never disappoint you. dealing; our expert legal advisors will never disappoint you.

Aside from physical property, our team of attorneys is also easily and readily available to save your intellectual property. The lawyers defend you when someone steals your intellectual property due to in-depth knowledge and critical understanding.

Investment, savings are done through banks; therefore, banks and other financial entities operate through rules and regulations for smooth and transparent working. The lawyers also perform the function of looking closely whether the banks are abiding by these federal and state regulations or not.

About us

Established in 2001, Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qassimi Advocates and Legal Consultants has emerged as a preeminent advocacy firm in the United Arab Emirates, boasting nearly a decade's worth of invaluable experience and an intricate understanding of the nation's legal landscape. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has firmly established us as trusted legal advisors in the region.


Comprehensive Legal Expertise

Our experience extends to effectively handling all types of cases before every existing court in the UAE, including prestigious institutions like the Dubai Court of Cassation, Federal Supreme Court, and Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation. Whether it’s complex commercial litigation or personal status matters, we stand by our clients every step of the way.

Our Diverse Client Base

We take pride in serving a diverse range of clients, both from the public and private sectors. Our client portfolio reflects our ability to adapt and cater to a wide array of legal needs, demonstrating our comprehensive expertise in various areas of the law.


Simplifying Legal Processes

We are dedicated to adding value to our clients’ lives by simplifying intricate legal processes and guiding them towards making well-informed decisions. Our goal is to create a positive impact in every case we undertake, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected and their objectives are met.


Khalid Bin Mohd Al Qassimi

Mr Khalid started the profession of advocacy in 2000 is the UAE duly licensed and is authorized to attend before courts with their different types and grades and represent the office before all official and non-official departments.

With a diploma degree in family guidance, he is registered at all the UAE courts with their different types and grades, including Abu Dhabi Federal Supreme Court, Dubai Court of Cassation, and Ras Al Khaimah Court of Cassation.

Abdel Khaleq Maybrook Al Najjar

Lawyer & Legal Consultant

Sudheer Devarajan

Senior Legal Consultant

Abdo Abobasha



Latifa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

    Dubai Office

     Office No: 608 , Latifa Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road,  Dubai, UAE

    Ras Al Khaimah Office

    Al Qarm building, Off.No. 308 / 3rd floor Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Bulding , Al qarm street, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

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